Welcome to Alabama Youth Congress. Testimonies.

  • One of our teens left congress and went home to witness to her dad. He is still hard and doesn't want to hear. But yesterday her mom got saved!! We are meeting at 4:30 for prayer. The teens just saw their first soul from that be saved. Thank you for all that went into Al Youth Congress!! Just one more soul has been won. Still praying for more.

  • Just wanted to update you on the events since we left. One of our teens went home and witnessed to her lost father. He was angry and said some mean things, but she is not letting it get her down. We were praying for 20 in ProTeens last night. We had 22, and 20 for the prayer meeting before service with several visitors. The youth group sang a special " I am Justified" in the morning service. Such a wonderful blessing this week has been and continues to be. Praise the Lord for all that your church has done!! They are excited and looking forward to next year. Keep us informed about helping with the church in Chelsea one Saturday.